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Side-by-side view


DIVA's Side-by-side view lets users to view up to four different live or VOD events simultaneously on a single screen, such as all the live now events. This feature is only available in landscape mode.

DIVA requirements

Some devices might not support multiple concurrent videos, therefore we advise the integrating project to verify their requirements.

DIVA Settings and VideoMetadata

When you instantiate DIVA you can launch one or more video.


You can pass to DIVA a maximum of 2 videos and in the instantiation it's required this parameter which defines how to display those videos:

  • MultiviewMode: values -> multiview | pip

From Video List

It's possible to enable multi video visualisation from a Video List configuring the VideoListBehaviour.


The VideoListBehaviour valid for the multi-video functionality are:

  • pipview
  • multistreamPipview

DIVA translations

For all Side-by-side view labels, please refer to the Dictionary

Known issues and limitations

Please check the Known issues page for feature specific information.

Product documentation

For Side-by-side view visuals and behaviors, visit the DIVA help centre.