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Snap Stats

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DIVA's Snap stats feature provides contextual, saliently organized information about the video stream consumed, e.g., when a goal is scored or a red card is issued.

The Snap stats feature is an overlay with a dedicated container. The Snap stats overlay is updated in real time, as the event unfolds. Depending on the data provisioning of the project, Snap stats overlay visibility behavior is customizable.

Snap stats data is managed by the owner of the Data Provider and can be used for various different sports. Snap stats content is not managed within DIVA.

PushEngine component

Configure Snap stats overlay with the PushEngine component.

DIVA requirements

DIVA provides a set of configurations to enable the Snap stats feature. A data integration layer using a sport data provider (that gets information from sports feeds like Matrix or Opta), or an editorial content using DIVA's backoffice Video Editor console is required. The data collection must be provided by the project and configured in the pushEngine component.

DIVA setting and videoMetadata


Follow these steps to generate the Snap stats overlay:

  • Define all relevant events for the required content
  • Configure Snap stats HTML templates
  • Push dataset using DIVA's backoffice APIs
  • Use your Data Provider with the Snap stats templates to create the right statistics for a match
  • Call the DIVA backoffice API to push the HTML data to the video player

The Snap stats panel must be activated in the Data Panel menu track. For further details see: HAR Menu Model.


For Snap Stats, DIVA raises external Analytics events

Product documentation

For Commentary visuals and behaviors, see the DIVA help centre.